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Spyware Warrior Blog

Keep up with all the latest news on the spyware front, including developing threats and newly released anti-spyware programs. [Link]

Spyware Warrior Forums

Join in our vibrant community's many ongoing discussions about spyware, adware, and other privacy & security threats. [Link]

Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware

Confused by all the anti-spyware programs on the Net? Get vital info about over 200 sub-standard products that you ought to avoid. [Link]

Anti-Spyware Comparison

Looking for an anti-spyware program? Compare the features & functions of a dozen of the most reputable anti-spyware apps on the Net. [Link]

Anti-Spyware Testing (2004)

See how some of the better known anti-spyware programs on the Net have performed in comparative testing. [Link]

Anti-Spyware Scan Results

Learn how anti-spyware vendors are working to present scan results to users in more useful and digestible ways. [Link]

Adware Installs of 2005

See how some of the better known adware programs on the Net are installed in this detailed examination of the installation practices used by so-called "reputable" adware vendors. [Link]

State of Adware Detections

See how some of the better known and occasionally "controversial" adware programs on the Net are detected by a dozen of the more reputable, established anti-spyware programs. [Link]

New! Privacy & Security Pages

Peruse the wide range of resources, links, utilities, and documents available at Eric Howes' personal Privacy & Security web site (formerly hosted at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.) [Link]


Read about, download, and install one of Eric Howes' block lists -- either the IE-SPYAD Restricted sites list for Internet Explorer or one of the AGNIS ad blocking lists for multiple applications. [Link]

Other Anti-Spyware Resources

To visit other places on the web with helpful info about spyware & adware, start here:

Forums: http://spywarewarrior.com/index.php


Blog: http://www.netrn.net/spywareblog/

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If you need help with a spyware or adware problem right now, you can post a HijackThis! log in the Spyware Warrior forums. Please read these instructions on getting help.

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