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Order of execution in registry

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2005 12:58 pm    Post subject: Order of execution in registry Reply with quote

I've been trying to improve my limited understanding of the various parts of the registry and how they work. I have much to learn. I'm currently studying "Mystery Behind Window's Registry".

One tool I've had for a long time is Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel, which helps me to prevent all the unneeded 'stuff' that thinks it just HAS to load at startup. Another feature is the ability to choose which portion of the registry a program loads from at startup. This is the focus of my question for the day.

Given that a modern XP machine loads a ton o' stuff for it's own purposes, and that I load a variety of security apps and tools and services, how can/should I arrange the various types of programs to get the most efficient startup?

I use a small program called "Push the Freakin' Button" to automate most dialogue boxes, and it seems to work well. Sometimes, however, it just takes so long for some apps to load that the window gets closed before the process has completed. For instance, SpywareBlaster not having time to enable all protection before the timer closes the window. I adjust the delay times, but some days it just seems to load the screen with pending apps.

Which programs should run from Startup ( Common), which from HKCU, HKLM. Since I am the only user, do any need to start from Startup (user)? Which loads first, or has priority?

Muchos gracias por su tiempo.
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