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Rapidshare, Paypal accounts, credit information

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PostPosted: Sat May 31, 2008 10:41 am    Post subject: Rapidshare, Paypal accounts, credit information Reply with quote

I don't know if this is widespread or not. I have a very close friend that has been frauded but I cannot determine details. I thought I would post about it in case anyone knows of this or has experienced it.

This is what happened:

While reviewing his bank account information online my friend noticed there were three transactions that did not belong.

Paypal on behalf of Rapidshare withdrew around 28 dollars from his bank account. My friend does not have a paypal account nor a Rapidshare account. Then the money was replaced (credited) back into the account by Paypal.
Furthermore, a bank transaction fee of 25 cents was debited by the bank due to an international transaction fee for the paypal transaction. This fee was not credited back.

My friend called the bank and got a phone number to Paypal, called Paypal and was told they ran a transaction which was then flagged as fraud and then credited the account. Other than Rapidshare there was no other information given to my friend except advice to report his card as having the illegal transaction and get a new card issued. He did this immediately.

I tried getting information on Rapidshare and the only thing I can find is a security warning (rapidshare:home:security) http://rapidshare.com/
stating they had some phishing emails sent out recently, a quick search in my friends email accounts showed nothing from Rapidshare or Paypal.

The Rapidshare site appears to be a front for private information gathering go to the support page and read how they want you to handle error reporting.

To make sure we can help you as fast and competent as possible, please consider the following:

- The telephone support CAN NOT help you with problems in money wire transfer. Please write an e-mail instead.
- You can find instant help in our FAQ. Many questions are already answered there.
- Please read the text on our homepage and in our news carefully. Many questions will solve itself that way.

In case you still have questions, just write us an e-mail to support@rapidshare.com in English or German.
Please make sure you give a detailed and compact explanation of your problem.

A wrong e-mail is for example: "I can't login! Why not?" because this makes it necessary to ask for more details.

A better e-mail:
"I get the following error-message when trying to login with my account-data: ...
My account-details are: ...
I use this browser: ... and this operating system: ..."

The most important thing is an exact copy of the error-message and your account-details.

Name*: ...
E-Mail*: ...
Login-ID*: ...
Transaction-ID*: ...
Date of account-creation: ...
Date of payment**: ...

* This has to be the details you used when you paid for your account. You can find your transaction-ID in your Paypal account.
** If you used an eCheck.

If anyone here knows more please post a reply.


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