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Webhelper: New mxtarget Transponder Variant

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PostPosted: Sat May 01, 2004 6:17 pm    Post subject: Webhelper: New mxtarget Transponder Variant Reply with quote

Webhelper: Updated Transponder listing

Today, I was able to discover what the alchem.exe does. If the transponder variant, twaintech.dll or bi.dll is not in the BHO registry entry, the alchem.exe transmits a checkin and then installs the newest update. So now I got the mxtarget.dll from mx-target.com which replaced the twaintech registry entries. There are quite a set of files that are dropped and ran but the code in the mxtarget.dll has the stop-poup-ads-now entry as did the bi.dll and twaintech.dll which means they are only changing the code on what controlling server it checks in with which is now:

Along with that there is an entry for the alchem.exe:


Below is my updated list and there are a lot of entries that will make you wonder why those sites are listed. I will be writing in detail why the addistions and how they all are linked to the transponder gang which I am going to refer to as the "ThinkingMedia.net Transponder Gang".

Files That are the new transponder variant:
tt_reco.exe (This is the one that removes all twaintech registry entries)
This variant like the bi and twaintech also use the offeroptimizer ad server for the popup ads to users computers.

Updated Sites Listing
01 May 2004 mail.thinkingmedia.net Amazingmerchants.com thinkingmedia.net Direct-Revenue.com mail.clickalchemy.com stop-popup-ads-now.com clickalchemy.com cleangetaway.biz mypanicbutton.com Twain-tech.com mx-targeting.com Ipinsight.com mail.msview.cc msview.cc www.freephone.cc disk11.com EC16.com mail.hostpool.net mail.direct-revenue.com xadx.offeroptimizer.com c.abetterinternet.com s.abetterinternet.com update.stop-popup-ads-now.com mail.mypctuneup.com tps108.org truedata.org www.offeroptimizer.biz top10sites.com skinhead.com letssearch.com Quicklaunch.com offeroptimizer.biz mail.www.offeroptimizer.biz mail.offeroptimizer.biz Bestoffers.bz mail.bestoffers.bz munky.com NameAdministration.com 15X.NET pantyland.com steelwool.com adblock.linkz.com smartcasual.com linkz.com hostpool.com adblock.com nameadmininc.com belt.abetterinternet.com/bi/servlet/Belt?StubName=Belt download.ipinsight.net cr.stop-popup-ads-now.com mail.stop-popup-ads-now.com thinstall.abetterinternet.com download.abetterinternet.com download2.abetterinternet.com xlime.offeroptimizer.com sohodigital.net Celticfestival.org test.disk11.com vx2.cc checkin.clickalchemy.com transctl.vx2.cc www.offeroptimizer.com cliks.org xads.offeroptimizer.com xadso.offeroptimizer.com mail.tps108.org ipinsight.net mypctuneup.com OPTINEMAILSERVICES.Com Hostpool.net

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PostPosted: Sat May 01, 2004 6:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

And agian thank you webhelper!!!!!! Smile
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PostPosted: Sat May 01, 2004 7:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks again. I have been wondering what alchem.exe does. I've known it's a baddy for awhile, but I like to know what makes it a baddy. Now I know.
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